U.S. Troops to Assist Border Agents with Caravan

About 5,000 active duty troops are being sent to the U.S.-Mexican border to prepare for the caravan of illegal aliens which is still in southern Mexico.

The mob of Central Americans is still weeks from getting to the border,and it continues to dwindle due to sickness and exhaustion.  For those hoping U.S. troops will turn them back, think again.

“The troops that go down to the border cannot perform any law enforcement functions, because of posse comitatus they would need an act of Congress,” says R.J. Hauman, director of government relations at the Federation for American Immigration Reform.

So what can we expect when the caravan arrives?

“I don't envision a massive standoff at this juncture, these people are going through what is a legal process, it's just the legal process is flawed,” says Hauman.  “Our asylum loopholes are now being taken advantage of, they're encouraging mass migration to our country.”

Hauman says it’s up to Congress, not the president to change our immigration laws.

“You still have Central Americans coming to the border every single day, doing what this caravan is attempting to do in smaller numbers, and inevitably getting released into the interior of our country.”

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