It’s party over gender in Texas

You would think it would be gender over party when it comes to how Texas women think of the #MeToo movement. But you’d be wrong.

Researchers at UT in Austin thought Texas Republican women would side with women when it comes to #MeToo and the accusations against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Researcher Daron Shaw says conventional wisdom wasn't so wise in this case.

“The obvious question is the extent to which the Kavanaugh controversy polarized opinion over party lines as opposed to gender lines,” Shaw explained

The research showed that 77% of Texas republican women now say that men can be unfairly treated thanks to #MeToo, and Shaw was simply stunned.

“Maybe I shouldn’t have been as surprised as I am, but I fell into the trap that a lot of us did; thinking this was an issue that would be dominated by gender and gender identity,” Shaw explained.

Shaw also found that 50% of Texas Republican women believe false accusations of sexual harassment or misconduct are made either somewhat or very frequently.

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