Homemade Halloween costumes allow elaborate designs

Back in the day kids relied on mom's talent to make their Halloween costumes look good. Nowadays, fabrics have come a long way with some that look like lizard skin or fish scales, allowing people to really get into making their own elaborate costumes.

People who dress up can't rely on a store to truly have an authentic Halloween costume dressing up as their favorite pop culture character.

JoAnn Fabrics and Crafts Valerie Ott said homemade costumes are so much better than the store bought ones.

“It’s certainly something that moms are still passing on to their kids because they know how special it was when their mom made them something and so you want to pass that on to your children and give them something one of a kind that really matches their personality or who they want to be and it isn’t just bought off a shelf,” said Ott. “Costumes that you can buy in store—you’re going to show up looking like someone else. They’re cookie cutter. And, the tradition of hand making a Halloween costume is really something that I feel Moms are passing on to kids,” said Ott.

If you're sewing impaired, she said they have a lot of options that are no-sew and low-sew by crafting a costume.

Ott said Halloween is like their Superbowl, kicking off the handmade holiday season.

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