Classic candy still popular with kids

As your kids prepare to go Trick or Treating tonight; as they bring in all of that candy, you might be surprised to see a classic as being one of the most popular treats this Halloween.

According to the Daily Meal, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups is the most popular candy of the decade when it comes to Halloween. It made its debut 90 years ago, in 1928. So why is it still so popular?

Candy historian Susan Benjamin says the classics never really go out of style.

“Some of our favorites today came out even earlier than 1928. They’ve been around longer than most people think,” Benjamin explained.

Benjamin also says there is less variety when it comes to candy today, but there are more outrageous varieties than there used to be.

“After World War I there were over 100,000 candy bars on the market. They were regionalized, but they were there.

We have the list of which candy bars were the most popular for Halloween by decade right here.

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