Big numbers continue for early voting

Texans are still coming to the polls in big numbers for early voting.

The Fort Bend County total of over 110,000 people voting has already beaten the 72,366 that voted early four years ago. Montgomery County has had nearly 100 thousand early voters, and Harris County is up to almost 575 thousand people voting early after yesterday.

Brandon Rottinghaus at U-H says no one should be surprised at the big turnout. Harris County is more Democratic than Fort Bend or Montgomery Counties, but Rottinghaus thinks the Democratic/Republican split will be closer than it has been in the past.

“There’s a pretty serious split. Most of the people who are voting are base voters. That’s been about 50-50,” Rottinghaus said.

New numbers from the University of Texas say 72% of registered voters say they are enthusiastic about the campaign. Rottinghaus thinks turnout will be higher than it usually is.

“I’m guessing we’ll be north of 50%. That will be big for Texas,” Rottinghaus stated.

Average turnout for midterm general elections in Texas is around 38%.

Early Voting

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