Arts of Healing second annual fundraiser

Houston has some of the top and best doctors in the world. Now, they're performing for the public to raise money for health research.

The Arts of Healing is an annual art show where physicians exhibit their work at select retailers in Houston’s prestigious River Oaks District.

Founder and President Lori Raijman said a group of doctors share the other side of their life, whether it's painting, photography, music—or other talent, for free for the public.

She said if you’ve never been, think of the doctors as hosts of a party and their competitiveness elevates the party.

"It's a little bit like they're walking into the OR. They assess the room. They figure out the needs. And, the egos actually play in our favor because person in party A does not want to be outdone by person in party B," said Raijman.

Last year, the profits went to pancreatic cancer research. This year, the money raised is going to lung cancer research. She knew the second year she would want to honor her parents and all those who can't breathe.

Both of Raijman’s parents died of lung disease.

"The lack of being able to breath. The shame they felt walking around. People stare at someone that has oxygen and we treat them in a different way because we can see what's wrong with them. It's a little bit unsettling, as far as the way they're treated, but also the simple things we take for granted: walking to the mailbox, climbing stairs. Those things where you just can't breathe and you're drowning in your own life," said Raijman. "In Houston, the air quality and a myriad of reasons cause a lot of us to have lung problems. But, lung cancer is certainly a less than adequately funded cause."

She said there's a big push in medicine right now to comingle with the arts because of physician burnout.

The art show is 6 pm on Thursday, November 8 in the River Oaks District. The event is free, with a $25 suggested donation. You do need a ticket to enter. Dinner is at 8 pm.

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