Will mail bomber, synagogue shooter impact vote?

The mail bomber that sent packages to critics of President Trump before his arrest had pundits placing blame on the President. The shooting of a synagogue in Pittsburgh also had the experts pointing the finger of blame at the President.

But will voters do the same thing?

The mainstream media wants you to think so. But while Republican strategist Jessica Colon the tragedies will impact people, recent history shows these that impact may not be what the mainstream media believes. Recent history shows something different, including the aftermath of a Bernie Sanders supporter shooting Congressmen during a baseball practice.

“We did not see that have an effect on the special elections going on at the time. Voters do see these as isolated incidents,” Colon explained.

There are other reasons this may not impact the vote like the mainstream media wants to say it will. There’s the ever changing news cycle, and a booming economy.

“People ask themselves how life is at home, how their finances are. These are the things that impact votes,” Colon stated.


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