Early voting numbers could be helping Republicans

One week down and one week to go as early voting continues in Texas. The numbers suggest good news so far for Republicans.

NBC News reports more Republicans are showing up in Texas, and in other states as well. Political consultant Joe Brettell tells KTRH he thought it might turn out like this.

“The enthusiasm that we have seen, the interest that we have seen, is proving true in early voting,” Brettell said.

And he says he doesn't expect things to change in this second week of early voting in Texas.

“You look at the way the folks have been talking about the midterms all year, and the ongoing soap opera elements of political reporting these days and it’s no surprise,” he explained.

More than 100 thousand people voted in person in Harris County over the weekend. The county says if you add up the in person votes and ballots returned by mail, more than 500 thousand people have already voted in Harris County alone.

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