Dementia Crisis Coming?

Dementia Crisis in 2050? 
By iHeartMedia’s Sally Adams

There may be a healthcare crisis in 2050 around handling the projected six million Americans who will be suffering from dementia.

Dr. Gulio Gtalialaterra of UTMB says more memory care facilities may not be the answer, and research is showing us more every day. “We know what parts of the brain are affected by the disease. However, just how to stop the spread of dementia is not readily available, but preventive measures are being learned.”  Put more avocados, blueberries and wild salmon in your diet. Physical and mental exercise is good for your brain as well. 

He says exciting research is discovering more about the disease every day and the 2 toxic proteins that cause it.  Specialized immunotherapy research is underway now. Early detection is important. The two main symptoms are short term memory loss and irrational irritability.

dementia patient

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