Chew on this: Americans are eating out more often

HOUSTON - Americans spend more than $3,000 a year on eating out which is more than half their food budget. Many are having to spend more since menu prices have gone up thanks to increases in rent and higher wages, but people are also using delivery services to try out more food.

"We eat out more per capita than almost any other city in America and some of that has to do with our geography because we are such a big city, we spend some much time going from points A to B." 

Melissa Stewart, the Executive Director for Greater Houston Restaurants Association, says business is hopping in the Bayou City with three to five new eateries opening a week.

"As we continue to grow, and have more and more folks coming to Houston to live, they're bringing with them their different culinary traditions and tastes."

Stewart says food delivery is helping to increase the amount people are eating out even though they're dining at home.

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