Why are NFL Stadiums empty?

The 2018 NFL season is now into Week 8, and if you have been following social media posts you realize the league may have a little problem.

Week after week there are people posting pictures of empty seats. Some of these pictures are taking just before kickoff, so maybe there are late arriving crowds. Some of them, though are taking in the middle of the game. Enough of these pictures are out there that people are starting to wonder what is going on.

Is this the residual impact of the anthem protests that we have seen around the league over the last couple of years? Warner Todd Huston of Breitbart says that’s a legitimate question, but he thinks there’s something else in play; economics.

“For a family, you can spend up to a thousand dollars to bring them to a football game. That’s just crazy,” Huston stated.

Huston also told KTRH News this is not a subject the league wants to talk about.

“They’ve been very quiet about crowd size this year. But I cannot imagine they are happy to see such stories,” Huston explained.

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