POLL: What will the ‘October Surprise’ be?

There are now less than two weeks to go in this midterm campaign season. So, if we are going to get that proverbial ‘October surprise,’ we should get it soon.

There always seems to be something that comes along, but University of Texas pollster Jim Henson says it's not always the kind of thing that rocks a campaign to its core.

“We start looking for surprises, and the truth of the matter is there is always something. But whether it rocks an election varies a lot,” Henson explained.

Henson doesn't think this October surprise will have anything to do with Russia or Special Counsel Robert Mueller, and says if you were to bet, then look for something to emerge from that illegal migrant caravan that’s making its way towards the United States as we speak.

“That’s probably the most likely outcome. The President has signaled he’s concerned about, and it’s an issue that has played well with Republican voters,” Henson said.

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