Should the voting age be raised?

Democrats rely on young voters. We have seen that on display for decades. But their seeming lack of knowledge has some wondering if things need to change when it comes to the age they are allowed to vote.

For instance, Campus Reform recently asked some Texas A&M students about why they'd vote for Beto O'Rourke over Ted Cruz.

“I think he’s accomplished, like honestly, getting his name out there,” one student responded when asked if she could name any of O’Rourke’s accomplishments in Congress.

That has led some to wonder whether the voting age should be raised. Catherine Engelbrecht with True the Vote understands your frustration.

“I can appreciate it. We have to really examine how young people are coming away with these impressions,” Engelbrecht said.

So she blames our education system, and says if you can't raise the voting age, then the best you can do is to educate young voters so they get both sides of the issue.

“It’s not going to be easy. We ceded the ground for far too long. The only way to rebuild it is too start,” she explained, adding that campaigns like 'Rock the Vote' have had a thirty year head start.

Early Voting

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