Is it Time for Investors to Panic? No

Some analysts say "prepare for more triple digit losses" for the Dow. But our moneyman says don't panic about your 401k.

Pat Shinn says he expects the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates again in December and at least two or three times in 2019.

"If that's the case, then by this time next year we will indeed be looking at a slowdown and then, of course, it's time to make some drastic changes on 401(k) accounts, investment accounts, et cetera."

But for now Shinn says stay the course with your 401(k). He says this sort of thing has happened 20 of the last 21 times we've had mid-term elections.

"For now this looks like not even a correction; looks to me to be a pullback before a mid-term election and normally the returns are very, very good from the time after the election until the end of the year."

Shinn says for now, keep calm and stay the course.

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