POLL: Documentary Examines How Google, Facebook Sway Votes

We've talked about the social media giants suppressing conservative speech,now there's a new documentary that exposes how Silicon Valley is undermining our democracy by secretly swaying millions of voters.

Harvard professor Dr. Robert Epstein is featured in 'The Creepy Line,' and for years he's been tracking Google, Facebook and others who manipulate what you see on social media.

“You do a search and you get search results that are there for a few seconds and they're gone,” he says. “Or you start to type a search term and get search suggestions and then they disappear, or you see a news feed, lots of things like that.”

“In this upcoming election, they can shift upwards of 12 million votes in these elections in November, with no one aware they are being manipulated and without leaving a paper trail for authorities to trace.”

Dr.Epstein says "fake news" from Russia and China pales by comparison to what Silicon Valley is doing.

“Even though you're not sure where the ad or where the news story is coming from you can see it,” he says.  “But the kinds of things the platforms themselves, Google and Facebook can do, you can't see.”

Epstein says you can protect yourself by using search engines other than Google, switching to a more secure email and unplugging your smart home assistant.

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