Did the New York Times go over the line?

The left blames President Trump for the attempted mail bombings of prominent Democrats this week. The President deflected some of that blame on to the mainstream media, and in the end he might be right.

Especially when you consider that the New York Times ran a fictional story about Trump's assassination the day before the mail bombs were discovered. Michael Johns co-founded the National Tea Party Movement and says this is to be expected from the left.

“Since the day of this President’s inauguration there has been daily coverage of almost hallucinogenic scenarios under which the President would be forcibly removed from office,” Johns said.

But earlier this year, when liberals like Congresswoman Maxine Waters urged her supporters to push back and confront Trump cabinet officials in public places, outlets like the New York Times said nothing. And Johns says all hell would break loose if a media outlet put out a fictional story about the assassination of Barack Obama.

“There would be pressure on the editor to apologize for running it. There would inevitably be some confession that it should not have run,” Johns explained.

But since it's Trump, mainstream media outlets like the Times think this is perfectly fine.

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