Democrats backing off ‘Blue Wave’ talk?

The ‘blue wave’ we have all heard about when it comes to the 2018 midterms may not be what it was hyped up to be months ago.

In fact, you don’t even hear Democratic Party officials using the term ‘blue wave’ anymore. It hasn’t stopped the mainstream media from using it, but party officials have backed off from it.

So what happened? Political analyst Jim McGrath tells KTRH the wave may never have been real in the first place.

“Clearly what we had a few months ago was wishful thinking on behalf of partisans and party officials,” McGrath said.

And he thinks the mainstream media just grabbed onto history to set the hype machine in motion.

“When you are the party in power, the historical trend is to lose seats in the Senate and lose seats in the House of Representatives,” McGrath explained.

But that may not happen. It looks like Republicans will keep Senate control, and may have a shot of holding on to the House, too.

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