22 hurricanes in the Pacific, 14 in Atlantic breaks record

The total accumulated cyclone energy level in the Atlantic was just a little above normal, but the Pacific broke the record which was set in 1992.

The Atlantic by itself did not set an ACE record this year. However, it's been a record breaker for storms in the eastern Pacific Ocean:

Space City Weather managing editor Matt Lanza said historically, some of the Pacific's biggest storms have developed and made landfall in October.

"They've been helped in the Pacific, by having water temperatures that are two to four degree above normal across most of the basin there this summer," said Lanza.

Next hurricane season might look like this year.

"We've got a developing El Nino. Typically, that would lead to probably a less active hurricane season in the Atlantic, but a more active hurricane season in the Pacific," said Lanza.

The odds of a storm developing and making landfall are diminishing.

He said there's a little lag in the Pacific. Their October is our September.

The Atlantic and Pacific hurricane seasons end November 30.

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