Uninstalling an App may not be the end of it

Here's an unpleasant surprise for many iPhone and Android users: some apps continue to track you -- after you uninstall them! The ball is now in Apple and Google's court to stop this behavior.

Security expert Robert Siciliano says it's a definite threat to privacy.

"This is very disturbing; the fact that you uninstall software and there are remnants of that software still there that are tracking you is a relatively new development."

Siciliano says don't install apps on a whim.

"I evaluate every application as to why I need it -- what the pros and cons are -- and I look at the terms of service and terms of conditions."

Siciliano says there's no reason to panic; if you're really troubled by this you can always reinstall your phone's operating system.

"I wouldn't say 'worry about it' that's just quality of life stuff, but I definitely would be aware and alert of it and you can always reinstall your OS."

Siciliano says Apple and Google consider this a breach of their app developer policies, but we'll have to wait and see what they do about it.

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