Poll: Support for Gun Control Falling

Even in the wake of school shootings, Las Vegas and other gun violence,new polling numbers show support for gun control is falling steadily over the years.

Sixty-one percent of Americans, mainly Democrats, still support stricter gun laws, but that's down 17-percent since 1990, according to a recent Gallup poll.

“People are starting to realize that gun control is not the answer to stopping violent criminals, and that being able to defend yourself legally in more places is the only thing that's truly going to protect you,” says C.J. Grisham with Open Carry Texas.

“Gun-free zones and gun control are actually making people more susceptible to criminal activity and being a victim than gun rights.”

The group now has its sights set on constitutional carry next legislative session.  “We want the ability of law abiding citizens to be able to carry without a license,” says Grisham.

In the weeks after the Vegas shooting, polls showed voters supported gun rights over stricter rules by a 47-to-42 percent margin.

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