MUGSHOT: Post Oak Pimp Busted

An undercover investigation led to the arrest of a Houston man now accused of allegedly operating a high-end prostitution ring in one of the city's swankiest hotels.

Mark Anthony Cole, 43, faces human trafficking charges. Investigators are concerned that more women may have been victimized. Cole told others he made $30K weekly selling women as their pimp.

Cole is a self-employed barber and father of three. He is charged with four criminal county, including delivery of a controlled substance and promotion of prostitution.

The under cover investigation started when Cole met a law enforcement officer with Harris County on September 17th and befriended the lawman. The even exchanged numbers. Soon after, texts and calls.

Cole even met up the undercover officer a couple of times. The undercover officer then agreed to meet Cole at a Southwest Freeway gas station to purchase cocaine. That was October 12th of this year. 

The two continued to communicate via text. It wasn't until October 17th that Cole agreed to $4,500 for three women and more cocaine for a bachelor party.

According to court records, Cole was arrested at the 350-million dollar Post Oak Hotel in the Galleria. The Constable's office says 13 women were found in one room... along with a variety of drugs. 

Cole is now in Harris County jail with no bond. 

Landry's, the owner of The Post Oak Hotel, issued the following statement:

All high-end properties in the City of Houston experience issues/problems with prostitution, as their clientele is a target for those involved in prostitution activities Landry's Inc./The Post Oak Hotel has always, and will always, taken an extremely proactive approach to preventing and eliminating such activity, where as many other properties/companies take a more passive stance with regard to this issue.In fact, THIS INVESTIGATION ORIGINATED FROM INFORMATION PROVIDED BY LANDRY'S INC., ALONG WITH A REQUEST FOR ASSISTANCE FROM THE PRECINCT 1 CONSTABLE'S OFFICE IN DEALING WITH THE ISSUE. Landry's Inc. has a zero tolerance policy with regard to all criminal activity, and will continue to take an extremely aggressive approach in dealing with prostitution activity and all other criminal activity at all of their locations and venues.

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