Migrant caravan creeps towards U.S.

The migrant caravan that is making its way towards the United States continues to get closer to our border.

The big question is how many people are in the caravan. Bob Price with Breitbart Texas tells KTRH that depends on who you talk to but it's in the thousands.

“The numbers are ranging widely. There’s no real way to know. People are coming from different directions and different countries,” Price explained.

So what can President Trump do to stop this? He's talked about sending the military to the boarder. Immigration analyst Jessica Vaughan says that's not a bad idea.

“Mexico has a lot more st stake, and a lot more to lose. I think they are going to want to play ball with us,” Vaughan told Breitbart Radio last week.

As for the political optics of this, Price says it helps the Republicans.

“The timing is great in terms of motivating the Republican base to get out to vote,” Price stated.

As for when that caravan would get here; if the migrants walked ten miles a day every day, it would take about 45 days. If that holds up they'd arrive well after the midterms.

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