Can You Be Coached to a Good Night’s Sleep?

Did you know there are sleep coaches?

Sure, you have a yoga trainer and a personal trainer, but are you getting a full seven hours of required sleep each night – and do you need a coach?

Overwhelmingly, the majority of sleep coaches specialize in pediatrics, and it’s a special angel that can help you find the most effective way for a parent and child to both get a good night’s rest, but in New York some clients are willing to dish out thousands for sessions with a sleep coach for themselves. One Luxembourg-based coach charges $10,000 for a day-long session.

Kaley Medina is a certified sleep sense consultant with Live-Love-Sleep who practices in Houston and Dallas, specializing in pediatrics.  She discovered it after having a daughter.  “I went through it and went through the sleep training with her and it changed our lives.  It changed our relationship because she was more rested and more pleasant to be around.”  But she can see how adults could benefit from some of the common sense advice.  “There are so many adults out there that medicate in order to get to sleep and have bad habits like using their phone too late, their diet, and I know there are many changes they can make like that.”

If we have life coaches, why not sleep coaches?

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