What’s at stake in November?

President Trump was in Houston last night, making the case to the thousands in attendance to keep Ted Cruz and other Republicans in office. What’s at stake if Republicans, who currently control both houses of Congress, lose some of that power next month?

What might be at stake is the President being able to keep producing the way he has these last two years. Texas Senator John Cornyn tells KTRH that Nancy Pelosi might turn the next two years into investigation after investigation if she becomes Speaker again.

“She will definitely have a much different agenda. The Democratic agenda seems to be one of not producing results, but resisting the President,” Cornyn, who was in attendance at Toyota Center, explained.

And resisting him at every turn, to the point where it's not just protesting; it is extreme protesting; in fact, it’s harassment. Cornyn has another term for it.

“Mob rule. I think with the record of job creation and the optimism people are feeling about their paychecks and their future, that’s not what they want to opt for,” Cornyn explained.

Cornyn also told KTRH News if the Democrats get power, the economic gains we have seen under this President may be at risk.

“People are feeling like the current arrangements with Republican majorities in Congress and a Republican in the White House is really to their benefit,” the Senator stated.

Recent polling has shown Republicans gaining strength as we head to the final weeks of this midterm campaign, and Cornyn believes what happened during the hearings to confirm Bret Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court played a big role.

“That was a pivotal moment in this. It could not have come at a better time,” Cornyn told KTRH.

Cornyn also says border security is something they need to work on between now and 2020, so that would also be at stake if the Democrats win the House.

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