POLL: Early Voting kicks off today

We’ve been talking about the midterms for what seems like forever. Starting today, you make your voice heard.

Early voting gets underway today around Texas today. In Harris County you can vote from 8am-4:30pm this week. In Fort Bend County the hours go from 8 until 5, and James Dickey, Chairman of the Texas Republican Party, tells KTRH voters he talks to are excited to get to the polls.

“I just spoke with someone who has been voting for decades now, and he said that for the first time ever he will vote the first minute he is allowed on the first day he can,” Dickey explained.

Dickey says early voting was tough to get used to at first, but now it's a much different story.

“We got to the point where over 60% of the vote would be cast during Early Voting. People got used to it,” Dickey stated.

Don't forget, now that everything is settled with the Texas Voter ID Law you will need photo identification in order to vote. But Fort Bend County Elections Administrator John Oldham tells KTRH there are ways to vote without that identification.

“You can still vote using other documents and signing an affidavit saying they could not reasonably obtain a Photo ID,” Oldham said.

Early Voting runs through November second, with the hours next week changing from 7am to 7pm in both Harris and Fort Bend counties.

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