News Outlets Planning Full Coverage of Midterms

Television news executives are gearing up for what they believe will be the biggest midterm election in a lifetime.

Unlike previous midterm elections, the mainstream media is pulling out all the stops, even continuing coverage on late-night talk shows.

“Long before we had radio, TV or Internet, one of the most entertaining things people did was go see a political speech,” says Dan Gainor at the Media Research Center, who calls this political cycle the best thing on television these days.

Trump has argued cable news outlets and newspapers have profited off him,but Gainor insists that is not what the mainstream media is looking for.

“They'd rather lose than have Trump in there, and have Hillary Clinton or Beto O'Rourke, or whoever the heck they can jam into the White House under whatever pretenses they can get them in there,” he says. “The American news or entertainment media is not about making money, they're about pushing an agenda.”

Even more entertaining he says, is the blatant bias to undermine the president and Republican leadership which they helped put in office.

“Donald Trump was the recipient of a massive amount of media support in 2016,because they saw him as a way of dividing the GOP, and Hillary Clinton would win in a walk.  It didn't turn out that way.”

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