POLL: Need a tissue for that controversial name?

UNITED KINGDOM - You can call it a man-sized controversy. Kleenex is rebranding its "mansize" tissues following complaints of them being sexist and non-inclusive.

Maker Kimberly-Clark is hoping not to offend anyone who believe assigning a gender to tissues is wrong.

Kimberley-Clark, the makers of Kleenex, are in the middle of a brand name controversy for one of its tissues that they branded "Mansize" for sale in the U.K. It sparked a social media outcry calling it a sexist branding practice.

Instead of being deemed "Mansize", they'll now be called "Kleenex Extra Large" due to their march larger tissue size.  The "for men" tissues originally hit the shelves in the U.K. back in 1956, when handkerchiefs were still very popular.  The mansize Kleenex was made to offer a unique disposable alternative.  

The company chose to re-brand the product as "Kleenex Extra Large." Plenty of commentary has made its way to social media pages questioning what's in a name.

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