Imagine a World without Traffic Lights

Believe it or not, traffic lights could be a thing of the past if new car tech takes hold. But it won't happen any time soon.

Testing is underway in Europe on cars that communicate with each other and don't need traffic lights to negotiate intersections.

"It's amazing how they put you back in your lane if you stray out and emergency braking and that sort of thing, but this technology has still got a long way to go."

KTRH Car Pro Jerry Reynolds says we have too many beaters on the road now.

"In America we've still got hundreds of millions of cars on the road that are eleven years old or older."

Reynolds says he could see this someday, but that day may be decades away.

"Testing for autonomous vehicles is expensive and difficult and the more they get into it they more they're finding out there are certain things these autopilot-type programs that will steer the car for you, just won't do."

While Ford is working to eliminate the need for lights, Honda is developing "smart intersection" tech that will better alert drivers of things in their way.

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