Work less, live longer

Stop reading if you’ve heard this before. If you work less, you might live longer.

Yes, that is the conclusion drawn by research done at New York University. Therapist Julie Nise tells KTRH she didn't need a study to tell her that.

“No kidding. You need to have work life balance,” Nise said, adding that we probably didn’t need a study to tell us this.

But how can we work less when most of us are struggling to get by? Workplace culture expert Joshua Evans says that's up to the people you work for may need to back off just a bit.

“In a culture where it’s expected that people work for 60-70 hours a week, I think we need to realize that truly unplugging can be very healthy for us,” Evans explained.

Evans also says that will benefit your boss, too. When you're refreshed you are more productive than when you aren't.

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