Texans look to extend winning streak

After the season started with three straight losses, you might think the Texans would be thrilled with a three game winning streak.

Thanks to those three wins, the Texans are in a first place tie with Jacksonville and Tennessee in the AFC South. So you think the team would be feeling good heading into the matchup this afternoon against the Jaguars in Jacksonville. But they aren’t.

In fact, they think they should be playing a lot better. That includes the surging J.J. Watt.

“You watch the film, and there are still a lot of things we can improve on,” Watt stated.

There are also questions about second year quarterback Deshaun Watson, who has been dealing with a chest injury. But Watson says he’s not going to miss any time because of it. And that throughout his playing days, minor injuries have not kept him from playing.

“Never missed a game until I got to college. Outside of that I was always on the field, playing,” Watson stated.

Kickoff is at Noon.

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