Poll: More think Trump wins second term

If you believed the mainstream media, then President Donald Trump will only be a one term President. The only problem is the mainstream media isn’t voting. You are.

According to CNN, 46% of you think the President will win a second term in 2020. 47% don't, and that number is actually down from 54% in March. Republican strategist Matt Mackowiak tells KTRH why he thinks this is happening.

“He is becoming more comfortable being President,” Mackowiak explained. “And he’s had a couple of good months here with some accomplishments. He’s had more wins.

But Mackowiak sees trouble ahead. CNN's poll shows Joe Biden as the favorite to face Trump in 2020, and Mackowiak thinks Biden could give Trump everything he wants and then some.

“He’s a different kind of Democrats. He’s the kind of Democrat this country could elect. A lot of other candidates are running to the far left. That’s not where Biden is,” Mackowiak said, adding that Biden has an appeal that might work in the middle of the country, and with the working class.

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