Bad Bosses Are the Worst!

There is nothing that makes Monday more miserable than having to deal with a bad boss.

It can make Tuesday through Friday pretty lousy, too, and cause workers to flee in droves.

A survey finds 60% of employees say they’ve thought of leaving their job because of a bad boss.

Business consultant Bobby Albert is CEO of Values-Driven Leadership and author of Principled Profits: Outward Success is an Inside Job. He says among the traits that identify a bad boss is someone focused only on results and not people, mocking their constant refrains.  “‘Give me results. Give me results. Give me more money. Give me more money.’ But the piece that is missing for being a good boss and an effective leader is this relationship side.”

The top two reasons people give for making a hasty exit is being undervalued and disrespected.

Albert cites a Gallup survey of one million employees at over 85,000 companies that found staff identify a positive answer to these questions as the qualities of a good boss and good organization.  “Do you care for me as a person? Do I belong here?  Can I contribute towards the goals of the company? Does this company stand for something? Do you create a learning environment where I can do the best job I can do?”

58% of employees say they’d stay at a mediocre or unrewarding job if they could work for a “great” boss.

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