Lotto fever hitting Texas

If you are planning to buy some Powerball tickets for tonight’s $345 million dollar jackpot, expect to wait in line.

“Lotto fever is definitely in the air,” Texas Lottery Commission Executive Director Gary Grief told KTRH.

If you don’t believe it, then just look at the numbers from yesterday’s Mega Millions drawing.

“Typically on Tuesday nights we sell between one and one and a half million dollars’ worth of tickets,” Grief explained. “That number was at 11 million yesterday."

Sales aren’t expected to be as brisk for tonight’s Powerball drawing, and Grief says there’s a reason why.

“That’s the phenomenon we refer to as jackpot fever,” Grief said.

Still sales will be brisk.

“It’s not chump change, but it’s not the $868 million dollar jackpot we have for Friday,” Grief stated.

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