When the convenience store isn’t convenient enough

It's now too hard to pick up items curbside, much less go to the store...so your Uber drivers now has the ability to provide snacks and necessities in the car for you to buy.

Cargo is partnering with ride-hailing drivers and provides them—for free—with boxes of snacks, drinks and beauty products to offer to passengers.

Cargo's CEO Jeff Cripe told Fox News is costs the driver nothing, but they have everything to gain.

“Drivers, on average, are earning somewhere between $1,500 and extra $3,000 per year,” said Cripe.

Some ride-share passengers can now order snack-type products on their phones by scanning the QR code on vending snack box, and add the cost to their fares.

When passengers check out the driver gets a text and then they'll hand the product to the customer.

“The passenger—when you get into the car, you don’t have to download an app, there is no login, there is no sign up, there’s no nothing. You can just order products on your phone…and your driver will hand them back to you immediately,” said Cripe.

Just remember, these companies/vendors are collecting your data, where you got in the car, as well as your trip information.

Drivers are already using Cargo's platform in seven US cities, including New York and Chicago.

Cargo has now partnered with southeast Asia's biggest ride-hailing firm, Grab, and will provide service in Singapore. Grab bought Uber's business in the region back in March.

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