Houston: Another $2B Needed Post Harvey

Houston housing officials says the city needs another $2 billion dollars to make sure everyone affected by Harvey is back on their feet.

About 30-percent of those impacted by Harvey are still waiting for help from the feds.

“I think all of us have friends or family who were flooded during Harvey raise their hand to try to get some of that FEMA assistance and didn't get it,” says Tom McClasland, director of Houston's housing and community development.

McClasland says his office is using a new methodology to target those with immediate needs.

“How much housing need is out there as compared to what their annual incomes are,” he says.  “Certainly there is a lot of need throughout the city, but from an equity perspective, those are the folks who are going to have the hardest time to bounce back.”

Ultimately,it will be up to Congress to approve any more money.

“We've put together a compelling case based upon data that indicates what our true need is, and we're going to continue fighting for the people of Houston,” says McClasland.

Hurricane Harvey

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