Astros Make Our Hearts Beat Fast!

Astros Make Our Hearts Beat!by iHeartMedia’s Sally Adams

Does your heart beat faster with every Bregman hit and Springer catch?  Cardiologist Dr. Konstantinos Charitakis with UT Health says it IS possible to hurt yourself during a game - especially if you have heart blockage already.  “Last year, during an exciting game between the Astros and New York – a fan was admitted into my hospital who had a heart attack while watching the game at home!” 

So what do you do have a heart problem? He says just take it easy for 9 innings. “but I would never advise anyone to NOT watch the game. Especially now! I’m an Astros fan myself!”  If you have a healthy heart, he says to get as excited as you like. And, Charitakis says, “Go Astros!”

Astros Win

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