PODCAST: Line between politics, pop culture blurring

In case you haven’t noticed, and you probably have, the line between politics and pop culture has been blurred more than it has ever been before.

Just look at the last week. Kanye West and Kid Rock visited the White House. Taylor Swift became part of the political conversation. SMU political scientist Cal Jillson tells KTRH a big reason for that is because of who our President is and what he did before getting into politics.

“We now have pop culture in the White House. Donald Trump’s fame has been as a builder, but even more so as a brand manager of his own name,” Jillson explained.

Celebrities have always taken stances politically, but Syracuse professor Robert Thompson says it's a bit different today.

“It’s on a different level now, because there are so many more ways for celebrities to get their political opinions out there,” Thompson said.

In other words, it is social media; Twitter and Facebook, that have helped blur the line between politics and pop culture even more than it was blurred before.

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