Anchor Babies Costing U.S. Taxpayers Billions

American taxpayers continue to shell out billions of dollars for births of so-called "anchor babies" by illegal aliens.

Illegal alien births of anchor babies make up 11 percent - or about 198,000 births - of all births that are paid for by American taxpayers.

“There are about 300,000 births a year to illegal immigrant mothers, about two-thirds of those births are to a mother who is unable to pay for the birth, so taxpayers cover it either through Medicaid or one of its related programs,” says Steven Camarota, director of research for the Center for Immigration Studies. “In Texas, it's about 75 percent of birth to illegal immigrants.”

“The total cost nationally is about $2.5 billion a year, now that's just for the births, it doesn't include education for the kid or anything like that.” 

The ratio is even greater in Texas.

“About one out of every nine births in the state in Texas is to an illegal immigrant,” says Camarota.  “In the Houston area, it looks like a little more than one-in-seven births in the Houston metropolitan area is to a mother who is not authorized to be in the United States.”

The state with the highest share of births to illegal aliens is Nevada,at nearly one in six.

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