Tornadoes in Texas from a Hurricane

A former hurricane causing flooding and tornadoes in Texas. 

Accuweather says several tornadoes were spotted south of Dallas yesterday. 

No injuries were reported, but some damage was reported at a high school in Waxahachie, where pictures online showed vehicles flipped over and fences ripped out.  Rain gauges have indicated up to two inches of accumulated rain.

Forecasters say the remnants of Hurricane Sergio pushed moisture and severe weather in from Mexico. 

Tornadoes were reported in at least two counties. 

What is being called “an exceptionally strong cold front” is moving its way toward Houston, which will cause a significant change in our weather as it moves through Southeast Texas Monday morning, dropping temperatures into the 60’s.

For anyone who suggested it will be a cold day in Houston before the Astros make it back to the World Series….yeah, it might.  Dress warm if you're going to this week's ALCS playoff games.

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