Houston Cold Front to Drop Temperatures

Tired of the endless summer?  You’re in luck.  It’s about to end.

Temperatures we haven’t seen since April when the baseball season started will return before the ALCS playoffs at Minute Maid Tuesday.

Monday we descend into the big chill.  There will be a high in the 70’s before the sun rises but it’s downhill from there, dropping into the 60’s by late Monday afternoon.

According to Weather Channel projections, by Tuesday night we’ll have a low in the 50’s.

Houston Astros fans will be sporting long sleeves, jackets and scarfs as they make their way to Minute Maid Park.  Lovely weather for that Kate Upton sweater jacket in the back of the closet left over from last year.  Bostonians in town for the game will probably be in t-shirts complaining about the heat.  They’re welcome to take the cold home with them.

cold Weather Getty RF

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