Alexa Scares People Witless

Life is becoming easier to navigate with the advent of smart devices like Amazon’s Dot and Google’s Assistant.

Just tell it to and your device can connect you with all the great content available at iHeartRadio.

But it’s what some people’s devices are doing when they’re not being instructed to that is freaking them out.

A Wall Street Journal article details the experience of a women who says her device randomly started talking about “reefer and cocaine” before she realized it had been prompted by something someone on her TV had said.

Others have complained of music being played without prompting in the middle of the night, or arbitrarily recording conversations that are sent to people in their Contacts file.

It’s hard to say if any of this is true, but the possibility is scary enough.

Even scarier, in August we learned that Amazon’s Google Assistant can be hacked.  Who is listening to you?

And even scarier, Facebook is developing their own talking device.  And they know all your secrets.

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