VIDEO: Sex Robots To Colonize Mars, Experts Concerned

YouTuber, sex-bot consultant and collector Brick Dollbanger told The Sun that he'll help "test drive" a sex-bot colony on Mars. 

He also believes one day humans will evolve into robots.

The bot developer, who goes by "Brick" is a testing consultant for sex robot firm Realbotix on the developing matchmaker project Harmony love droid because he believes this is how to advance the human race.

He also explained to The Sun how sex-bots are steering robotics in a way that will allow humans to shop... on Mars saying: 

"I believe robots will colonise Mars. They're gonna build the colony, we're gonna come along later," he explained.

He also believes sex-bots will make great companions for the elderly when the time comes. 

But there have been countless warnings about sex robots from experts.


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