Report: China Hacked Hardware Bound for US

Bloomberg Business is standing by its report that Chinese spies used a tiny microchip to hack some of America's top companies.

A top secret probe into the attack allegedly found hackers were able to use the hardware to create a doorway into any network that included the microchips.

“It can well be done not just for political and strategic purposes, but they have a history of using intellectual property theft to compete on the world market,” says cyber security expert Steve Weisman of

“They're on the inside, the technology becomes part of our systems here and other systems of other countries around the world, it's built in,”he says.  “So while we're looking for an attack from the outside,it's already been built in, the doors and windows are wide open for China.”

Both Apple and Amazon deny the Bloomberg's claims.

“We know the the United States has done it, and we know that China is doing it, so denying it seems to be something more to avoid increased public response,” says Weisman.

Six current and former national security officials stand by the report.


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