Google acting as "The Good Censor”

We have been telling you about social media bias for a long time. And now, an internal document from Google not only proves that it’s true, it’s worse than you may have thought.

This all comes from an 85-page document from Google; an internal briefing called “The Good Censor,” that was leaked to Breitbart reporter Allum Bokhari, who tells KTRH any notion that Google isn't biased has been blown to bits.

“They’ve admitted in writing they have shifted towards censorship in recent years,” Bokhari explained. “This is a major admission which they have never said publicly.”

In fact, Google has always maintained they weren't biased. But, Bokhari says not only are they biased, they are trying to literally reshape our culture.

“They admit that Silicon Valley companies; Twitter, Facebook, and Google, now control the majority of online conversation,” Bokhari said.

And that could be why, in a new poll, almost half of conservatives said they don’t trust Twitter to treat its users equally; as opposed to the 16.7% that say they do trust Twitter.

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