Trump economy is what the world is buying into

The mainstream media isn’t giving you the complete picture when it comes to the economy under President Donald Trump. It’s a trend that started last year and continues until today.

Consider this. President Trump has stressed American exceptionalism. He has put America first with his economic policies, and global investors like Ruchir Sharma of Morgan Stanley say other countries are betting on our success in a big way.

“The financial markets have never believed it to such an extent. This year has been a story of how well America has done,” Sharma said on CNBC.

Financial planner Richard Rosso says there's been a shift under President Trump.

“Last year everybody was moving together across the globe, and now we have pulled out,” Rosso stated.

And the Trump economy is the reason why.

“Tax cuts were a big part of it. So is consumer confidence. People feel better about their jobs,” Rosso explained.

But the mainstream media only wants to talk about negative things, so stories like this; ones that don’t fit their narrative, don't get told.


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