Justice Kavanaugh to decide immigration issues

Now that he is Justice Brett Kavanaugh, the newest member of the United States Supreme Court may hear multiple cases that could decide the future of millions of immigrants already here in America.

Among those issues are President Trump's efforts to crack down on sanctuary cities. John Miano with the Immigration Reform Law Institute tells KTRH there are other issues that will be argued, too.

“DAPA and DACA cases will start making it up, but the problem is things move very slowly through the federal courts,” Miano said.

The left is trying to paint Kavanaugh as a justice that will be anti-immigrant, but Miano knows from first-hand experience that isn't necessarily the case.

“We’ve been before him on immigration issues, and we’ve lost more than we’ve won. We don’t expect him to go wild on immigration issues,” Miano stated.

But, he does expect that Kavanaugh will follow the law when it comes to these issues as they present themselves.

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