There's a New Online Epidemic

A New Online Epidemic

By iHeartMedia’s Sally Adams

Millennial selfie lovers use filters to enhance their looks on their online photos, so much so their natural selves pale in comparison. Beaumont Plastic Surgeon Ben Beckert says, “Millennials take upwards of 20,000 to 25,000 selfies every year – each! It’s no wonder they’re so fixated on them --- they dedicate a lot of time taking them!”

It's called Snapchat Dysmorphia.  “I have had patients come into my office, show me pictures they have used filters to enhance, and say, ‘make me look just like that.’ Sometimes it’s terribly unrealistic!”

Popular online photo filters can do wonders for your looks - as long as you don't meet your followers face to real face! Beckert concludes,  “They are almost trying to transform themselves to what they look like on social media --- because that’s what they think is more important!”

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