Shara Fryer here... 

The seething anger I felt while watching the enraged radicals' attack on Justice Kavanaugh and the institutions of Congress and the Supreme Court has eased....a bit.

Replaced now with an unease about the future...in the workplace... for all of us.

Because no one is immune to career destruction in this atmosphere of accusation without evidence. #MeToo has made men the victims on sexual harassment claims to the point that, I fear,women will become victim of lost opportunity. Opportunity to interact with coworkers and bosses, potential mentors and team mates in relaxed situations...over lunch, on the golf course, company parties. Human beings are social creatures and we take each other's measure in social interactions every day. But it appears that male/female interaction is forever smeared.

I fear #MeToo has now thrown women in the workplace into a "#MeNot".

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