Facebook banking on new 'Portal' smart device

HOUSTON - Despite the Cambridge Analytica failure, Facebook feels consumers are ready to trust them with a chatroom camera in their living rooms.

The social media giant unveiled the "Portal" and "Portal +" which allows for people to have video conferencing in their room. The camera on the device automatically pans and zooms during calls when other people enter the room.

Dan Wallach, a computer science professor at Rice University, says engineers face the challenge of trying to create technical practicality while protecting privacy. Wallach says, "When you have a telephone, you know that when it is hung up, nobody is listening. What is the equivalent for a smart device with a camera and a microphone. The closer that a camera or a microphone is to your personal and private life, the more you may yourself do I need this? The answer is maybe you don't."

Facebook says the devices don't monitor or keep the contents of video calls, which are encrypted to ensure security. There is also a cap provided to cover the camera when not in use. Facebook believes that you will want this device and will be willing to pay 200 dollars for the "Portal" and 350 dollars for the "Portal +."

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