America getting more radicalized

If you look at almost every part of our lives; politics, media entertainment, there has been a change. It’s a shift you can see in our politics. It’s a shift you see when you turn on the television. It’s a shift you see when you go to the movies.

More and more, the radicalization is coming from the left, and Michael Johns, who co-founded the National Tea Party movement, tells KTRH this all started because the left lost policy fights and had to try something different in a political battle.

“They have moved so far to the left. They have all but embraced socialism,” Johns explained. “Tactics have replaced ideas in their strategy. That has led to a complete resistance to anything that is not part of their hardened ideology.”

And these tactics have spread to almost every part of our lives.

“One is Hollywood. Two is academia. Three is the mainstream media. Progressives feel emboldened,” Johns said, adding this is all about power; power the left doesn’t have anymore, and power they want back.

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